Thursday, October 23, 2008

My Second Baby Shower

On Saturday the 18th my mom went all out and did an amazing job on my second baby shower. There were a lot more people at this one. It was a lot more family this time and we had so much fun! We played several games including Pictionary, Scatergories and Guess-How-Fat-The-Pregnant-Lady-Is… Thanks mom… I know I’m fat but did we really have to see how long the piece of yarn wrapped around the largest part of my waist was???

We had the best baby shower cake ever!!!

Inspiration drawn from (see the Naked Mohawk-Baby Carrot Jockeys)

On top of all that Parker/Chloe made out like a bandit with all the great stuff we got!

This is almost everything... cept for repeats...

I love the little slippers in this bath set!

Lora Linn and Meredith got us some more super cute Disney onesies!

These make me giggle!

In this picture I'm holding one of those amazing shopping cart covers! I'm so glad I got one! Those things are awesome!

Lora Linn has been working on this blanket for a couple years now. She started it only wanting to see the pattern and when I got pregnant I asked her what she planned to do with it and she told me I could have it! She must like me or something, lol!

I know I’m really late getting this all up and posted but the nesting instinct kicked in once we finished all the baby shower stuff. I’ve been washing baby clothes and organizing bath stuff, taking stuff out of the packaging so it’s ready to use, organizing diapers and clothes by size and packing my hospital bag so we’re ready to go from the first “Uh, that hurt…” So now it’s just the waiting game… I hate waiting. Poo!

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Meredith said...

Parker/Chloe definitely made out good! And I love the oneies! Hahaha... I cannot wait to meet the baby!!!


Chloe getting bigger by the month...