Wednesday, August 13, 2008

12 Reasons why I love my Charlie dog!

12. He’s my baby when I don’t have a baby to baby.
11. His claws have a different pattern on each foot and I think it’s so cute and hilarious!

10. The incredible jingle-jangle itch, there’s always an itch to scratch and he jingles the whole time he does it!

9. He knows where he stands on getting his feet wet and will not budge…

8. He’s my small destructive force. I swear if he thought a building was a chew toy he could demolish it in a day or two.

7. He’s good at making friends and his favorite friend is Alex…

6. He loves to play and playtime is all the time!

5. Always to the rescue of some lost kibble. He’s my super dog!

4. He’s such a good sport when I act like a 5 year old and dress him up and put him in things, like my Christmas stocking.

3. Nothing gets by him… as long as he has a window to see out of. And if he doesn’t have that he just barks at everything!

2. He knows a comfy spot to curl up when he sees one and can easily hog a California king sized bed.

And the number 1 reason…
1. Somehow always knows what it will take to make me laugh!

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