Thursday, March 26, 2009

Mom. You're making weird faces again.

On the 24th I sat down with Chloe and a borrowed Bumbo (thanks Brit!) cause I haven't gotten around to getting one of my own. I can't seem to decide on a color. Do I go for girly and cute or should I be savvy and get one in lime green so I can still use it when I have boys? I'll probably be
savvy and make myself happy in the future.

Anyways... I fed Chloe her first cereal on Tuesday afternoon. And her second that night. And TOTALLY FORGOT TO GET THE CAMERA OUT!!! I blame baby brain! I broke it out the next day though.

So that night as I was giving Chloe a bite, an image popped into my head... This image:And I started laughing hysterically! We all know and love this scene from The Incredibles, because it's so classic. I never realized how funny it was till then though, because when it popped in my head I was making the same EXACT face! Hence the commencement of spasmodic cachinnation*.

(*New vocabulary word: it means, to laugh.)

Here are my pictures of feeding time today. Here we have the classic "milk" mustache:

And here: the convenient side effect of using a hand towel instead of a bib:
She kept wiping her own face for me. Though the troublesome part was getting the fist back out of the mouth. But seriously, who doesn't love a kid that cleans up after herself?

I couldn't leave out the full body shot of her in the Bumbo with that towel around her. Because it went down so far on her, I had a ten second clean up when we were done. She wiped her face and I took off the towel and TA-DA! Clean baby!
Oh look look! Curly toes!!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Decisions, Decisions...

So... I've decided to chop my hair... again... and donate it to Locks of Love!

Why why why would I want to mutilate all the hard work and time my head put into growing it to my lower back over the last two years, you ask??? Well... Someone, or anyone for that matter forgot to tell me that when you have a baby your hair goes though different stages (ok, ok Bridget did tell me but I thought that I might be different cause my hair is so wonderful and generally perfect). Long scientific explanation cut short: Your hair gets thicker while pregnant and back to normal(ish) about 4-6 months after childbirth. Yippie. *monotone voice*

So, because of this *sniff* (I can't avoid the word anymore) hair loss I am shedding more than a Shetland Sheepdog! I run my fingers through my hair and come out with what seems to me like a handful on my hand. Chloe's fingers and toes seem to always have hair entwined in them. I ALWAYS feel like I have spiderwebs sticking to my shirt sides and tickling my arms. My shower drain is getting irritated with me. And, don't ask me how, but somehow, I really don't know how, hair finds it's way into my underwears... I know, gross! But it's the worst part of the whole thing! Oh and looking at my bed sheets? Yeah, well I make it look like we have an almost hairless dog. It's a tid bit ridiculous.

I read somewhere online that cutting your hair short makes the hair loss seem like it's not as bad or even normal. So that's what I'm going to do!

Next problem to solve: finding the right cut. I know I look cute with short hair, so I'm not worried about it being short. Just about finding the right one. I think I'll go a little shorter than I have before. Less of a bob and more of a pixieish look, like Alice on Twilight. Or not? I have a few ideas but I just don't know. What do you think?Or is it pretty much all the same haircut just done up differently?

Giant Baby

Just thought I'd let you all know about Chloe's latest appointment with the doctor. She got two more shots and hated them. I, of course, teared up again when they did give her the shot. I hate the cry she gives when she's in pain. No surprises, but I think this kid is going to be a bit of a drama queen... She screamed when they gave her the initial shot and I got her calmed down after about 2 or 3 minutes. Then she looked a little confused for a minute and started screaming like they had just given her the shot again. We did this over again and it took me about 10 minutes to get her back to normal. Poor kid.

Anyways... Length: 26 3/4 inches= Upper 95% on the growth chart. Weight: 16 pounds 7 Ounces= 95% on the growth chart. Obvious conclusion: I have a large baby= No wonder I had to have a c-section!

She is seriously going to be taller than me by 10 maybe 11. That's when I stopped growing I hope she does too ESPECIALLY if she's taller than me by then. I keep telling Preston that our kids will be the ones hiding food from me on the top shelves in the kitchen. (If you've seen my cupboards you know that I can only reach the bottom two shelves. I can touch the front stuff on the third with the tips of my fingers. And the 4th? I can't believe there is a fourth considering my great grandma who had the place built, was shorter than me!) I guess I'll have to opt for locking the cupboards on the ground level.

Oh AND Dr. Allen cleared us to give Chloe baby cereal! Fun pictures coming soon!!! Yay!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Giggles and Chubba Lubbas!!!

Hi there!

I'm feeling a bit guilty... I haven't been my usual blogging self lately... Obviously. Every time I get on here to check for updates I feel really bad that no one knows that Chloe laughs now! I took this video a while ago. Late February or early March; I can't remember. I know my aim is off in it and you can only see the top of her head for most of it. It takes a bit of dedication to get her to laugh and I couldn't spare my attention to keep her in the frame. But she does laugh! Right at the end there's a really good one! So turn up the volume! Oh and try to ignore my I'll-do-anything-to-make-the-baby-laugh-cause-I'm-a-mommy noises.

I also got some great shots of my little nekked chubba lubba. She's so cute! I love making her laugh. I've gotten her going a few time and have ended up laughing so hard that I have tears streaming down my face and I can't breathe. BEST MOMENTS EVER!!!

I love the little rolls on her wrists that make her hands look mismatched to her arms. Oh and her legs are like turkey legs now. I could jus eat em'!

Curly toes!!! I love this picture! With daddy in the background holding her. Her little feet are getting all fat now! She's such a chunk. I weighed her on my wii fit a couple weeks ago and she was 16 pounds. We have a doctors appointment tomorrow so we'll probably find out then that she's actually like 18 pounds! I really wouldn't be surprised.

Chloe loves the other baby in the mirror! Preston does this all the time and I laugh so hard. It cracks me up! Oh and please forgive my cackling like a crazy witch in the background at the end, mmkay?

Our friend Janna gave us this outfit the other day and I couldn't wait to get it on her and take pictures! So cute! Of course, it's more butterflies! 

This picture turned out great too. Unexpectedly artistic. That's how I describe it. Aren't those shorts to die for??? Oh and once again... Curly toes!!!
"Are we done yet mom? I'm seein' spots!" I love my cute little baby girl! She's so fun to take pictures of! 
Hope you enjoyed the videos and pictures and I feel better now too! 

Amy Lynn

Sunday, March 1, 2009


My sister in law Amy Jo sent this to me with my step mom Patty on Friday evening and I put it on Chloe on Saturday. Instant favorite!!! Although she's almost outgrown it already. *sniff, sniff, tear*

Chloe getting bigger by the month...