Friday, June 27, 2008

Happy New Year's!...???

So, I have a funny story, at least I think it's funny. As we all know, Preston and I are moving tomorrow. Last night my Grandad came down from Prescott and borrowed a truck and a little trailer from my uncle Andy, so we moved our couch over to the house. When we moved it... this is what we found...

It's confetti from our New Years party, ha ha! My sister in law Meredith brought these 'flickers' to my place on New Years. The nice thing about them was that there wasn't any gunpowder or whatever they put in those poppers to make them explode. You just take one of these 'flickers' by the end and swish it through the air and out comes the the most fantastic display of little bits of tissue paper flying though the air. There were five or six in the package she brought. I told her to do one in the house thinking "That little thing? It might be kinda cool and there's no explosion, so what the heck?" Then as it's coming down in droves I'm thinking "What the HECK!? Where did all that come from???" After that we just used the rest in the living room as well cause by then I'm going "Well, what the heck. I'll have to clean all this up as it is, we might as well have fun making it." I actually found some in my closet yesterday too. I have no idea how it got there. When I pulled the couch out it was stuck on the wall too. And earlier this week when I pulled my pictures off the wall I found some stuck to the wall there too. This stuff is like impossible and I'll probably keep finding more at the new house and be completely confused on how it made the trip. Anyways that's my funny story...

Oh and Charlie thought it was the coolest thing when we pulled the cushions off the couch and it was something he could reach without trying. He also found a mostly chewed rawhide bone in it too! Extra prizes all around!!!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

We are moving! Finally!!!

We are so excited to get out of our little apartment with all the noisy and annoying neighbors and into our new big house! It's 3 miles from where we are now and we couldn't be more thrilled! Our official moving day is Saturday the 28th. Anyone who wants to come help can. We are getting pizza for everyone who helps. It's just perfect for starting our little family.

It has two bedrooms, one bathroom (our apartment has two so that's kinda not so cool), a huge office, a nice sized kitchen, dining room and a big living room. Not to mention a carport, a separate laundry room with a ton of storage space, and a cellar!
Oh and it sits on a acre of land! And every nook and crannie of extra space (closet or otherwise) has shelves for storage space!
AND There are no neighbors!!! Not in front, in back, on top, or for at least a mile either way up the street. We have the north portion of the 202 at Val Vista behind us, but it's far enough away that you really can't hear anything unless one of those loud motorcycles drives by.
But what's nice about that is that we pretty much have our own on ramp to the 202. Or at least the closest access to it, ha ha! The house itself actually belongs to my Grandad who we are renting it from. It was willed to him by my Great-Grandma Wolk who died in 2001. She basically wrote up the blue prints for it and my Grandpa Lou built it himself. So I am not only excited to live there but honored because of it's history in my family.
She used to babysit me all the time when I was little so I've spent a lot of time there. This is the house where I first learned to cook. Well, she was the first person to trust me with a spatula, a hot skillet and scrambled eggs, lol! She also taught me to quilt and tried to teach me to crochet but as a 7 year old with a limited attention span, it didn't stick. I miss her but I feel closer to her knowing that I get to take care of her house. I can't wait to raise my baby there!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

It's ALIVE!!!

This morning as I was waking up I had a strange feeling... in my belly! It was dancing around and I could barely feel it, but it wasn't imagined because the movements were too unexpected and random. It was like little eyelashes softly moving up and down and all around. All day I argued with myself about whether it was real or not, it was driving me nuts! I've been so anxious to feel my little one move that for the last two weeks or so whenever I laid down I would hold as still as I could to try and see if I could feel anything. All I would feel was my pulse thumping all over my body. Until then, I never knew my own heartbeat could irritate me! It was like it was interrupting whatever I might have felt.
Speaking of heartbeats, we had another doctors appointment today. This time they were able to find the baby's heartbeat. It was slower than I thought it would be but, they said it was normal so I was happy. (I think I was secretly hoping they wouldn't find it and do another ultrasound so I could see my baby again.) I told Dr. Tutt about my maybe or maybe not movements in my tummy, and he confirmed that it was in fact the baby from the way I described it to him. (So, I won my argument with myself, HA!) He also measured my belly and said I was right on schedule. Oh by the way, I have a belly now! Not that I didn't before but it's starting to look pregnant. I could still pass for just chubby but, I'd rather look pregnant. There's a growing hard spot in the middle of the belly, which is fun to freak Preston out with when I put his hand there and make him feel it, he he he!
Oh and I almost forgot... Preston has changed his mind about wanting to know what the baby is, thank goodness! What changed his mind??? Funny you should ask, this should give you a brief glimpse of how cheap a "semi-newlywed-husband-with-a-baby-on-the-way" can be. We were talking to a couple of friends that have several kids (aka: experience). They told us how with their first kid, (or maybe the second?, whatever it was!) they decided they would find out but make it a surprise for everyone else and keep it to themselves. Turned out, they got almost nothing for mystery baby but with their next one they told everyone and got tons of presents for it! Preston told me later that week that he had changed his mind because... quote "I want the free stuff so I don't have to buy it!" I love him, sometimes I wonder why, but I still just can't get enough of him!
Oh and while we are on the subject of crazy people... if anyone has seen my brain, I would like it returned. It'll be the one with the twitch. If it's not returned by the time the baby is 5 I'm going to assume the baby ate it for lunch a month ago! Probably sucked it out like jello through the umbilical cord... just my luck...

Chloe getting bigger by the month...