Saturday, April 25, 2009

Happy Birthday to Preston!!!

Preston's birthday was on the 18th of April. He turned 27! He doesn't like how close that is to 30. Poor guy! But we had a good day nevertheless!

The night before the big day Preston and I finished something we started on August 25, 2006! That's 2 years and 8 months! Wanna know what it was? Are you sure? You might roll your eyes... Ok, I warned you.

We finished watching all of the Star Trek series. Seriously. We started with the Original Series with Kirk, then The Next Generation with Picard, after that we skipped ahead to Enterprise with Archer (it takes place before all of them), we started Deep Space Nine with Sisko while we were still working on Enterprise, and finally we finished with Voyager and Captain Janeway. I am officially a nerd. Thanks Preston. The sad part? I really got into it and enjoyed it! I get all the jokes now too! It's totally awesome when someone makes an obscure reference to Klingons and I get what they are saying!!!

So for Preston's birthday we went down to the AZ Science Center to the Star Trek Exhibit they have there. It was so sweet! Knowing what everything was and noticing the indiscrepancies in the replicas and examining the details of the real stuff. We weren't allowed to take pictures in it but they had photographers there and I got the one I really really wanted. This:

Freaking awesome right??? (In my best Crush-from-Finding-Nemo voice (head nodding included)) Chloe in the captain's chair.

Preston liked his presents. I gave him The Fountain (his favorite movie) and a iTunes gift card. His parents gave him a bunch of stuff too. As well as a nice dinner at B.J.'s, mmmmm...

The Grandparents and their baby's.

Of course no post is complete without a melt-your-heart-super-cute picture of Chloe! I love this kid! She's not rolling over yet but she loves to talk. And sing! She sings to the music I play in the car now! I love it. We sing at the top of our lungs in the car together now! I almost cried the first time she did it and actually was hitting some of the notes. My baby didn't get her singing genes from her father!!! YAY!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Doin' the Hokey Pokey...

Ok, that title sounded kinda bad... or was that just me? Anyways... I was getting a bottle for Chloe this morning while she was sitting in her bumbo on the table waiting for me. I started walking towards her while I was shaking it and it made me think of the hokey pokey, so I started singing it. She laughed when I spun around, clapped my hands and threw my leg up in the air. So I did it again, and again... and like 5 more times after that. She was laughing so hard and it made me laugh and all was wonderful!

Meredith came over a few hours later so we made a video... enjoy!

WARNING: Chloe's laughter is EXTREMELY contagious!

Getting what I want...

After very little agonizing on my part about chopping off my hair, I picked a haircut and called a friend. Every time before now when I thought I might want to cut my hair I would make the decision very slowly. First I had to be absolutely sure I wanted to cut it at all. Then I would agonize over several pictures and ask everyone and their dog which one they thought I should get before finally picking one. Then I would take my time getting around to asking someone to cut it for me.

This time I blogged and the next day called texted a friend and she came over a day or two later. Of the few pictures I had selected this was the favorite of the friends that commented and me.
My beautiful hair!!! Soon to be someone else's beautiful hair! I hope they like it. I sure did.

Well anyways I made a discovery... apparently it's hard for a friend to cut off that much hair on someone who has as much thick beautiful hair as me! I asked for that haircut and she said no at first so we compromised. It was cute but not what I wanted. I wanted it really short this time. Not quite a pixie cut but not a bob either. I called another friend... She's amazing! It took awhile to get together to do it but we did yesterday and I love it!!! The night before I went to her house I also colored my hair. I have a favorite color that I LOVE. It's by Garnier and it's called Cherry Chocolate! I was sold on the name alone when I found it the first time. The great color was a perk that came with it!

It turned out great I think. And this is the final product... The first picture is the first haircut, cute but not short enough, and the second is me now...Yay! It's way cuter in person too! I love it!
Thanks to both Nici and Lynette for all the hard work they put into my hair! Love you guys!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Bad Day?

Today I went to Costco. It took me 4 hours to get out of the house and go, but I went. Yay me! On the way back home with milk, grapes and some frozen food in my trunk, I decided to make a quick stop at JoAnn's Fabric to get some fleece to make a really girly little blanket for Chloe (I'm the only one who hasn't so far). I knew they were having a 50% off sale on exactly what I wanted too. So I stopped to check and get some if I found the perfect thing.

I turned off the car, pulled my wallet out of the diaper bag and put the bag behind the passengers seat (I was just going in really quick), opened my door, got out, opened Chloe's door, hit the lock button on mine and closed it. Then I put the keys and my wallet down on the seat to get Chloe's car seat out of the car. I pulled her out and managed to not wake her up, grabbed my wallet and shut the door.

I had a nice time shopping around looking at all the different patterns and I was torn between a few for a bit but gave up and went with what I liked the best (she won't care, right?). I mean why wouldn't Amy Lynn's daughter have a blanket that looked like this???
So I paid for my fabric (11 bucks for 2 yards and a foot! Woot Woot!) and headed out to my car. As I approached the car I reached into my pocket and my heart stopped... Where were my keys?!? I checked the other pocket as I looked in the back door window. CRAP! There they were. Just waiting for me to grab them when I grabbed my wallet to go inside.

Fortunately my in-laws live close by and they came to pick me up AND I had the car seat on the outside of the car. The UNfortunate part was I locked the diaper bag in the car... No diapers, bottle, formula... Nothing! Well, they had diapers from when they had her while we were sick recently, and formula, but no bottles. So we made a quick stop at a Walgreen's to get one. Everything turned out ok. Thank goodness!

Oh but the fun didn't end there!!!

Preston stopped at their house on his way home and gave me his keys so and yada yada yada (who cares how I got back?). So I'm in the car again... I get home and as I'm about to put the key in the door I notice a disturbing outline sitting on the door frame much to close for comfort to my hand. I quickly yanked my hand back and fumbled with my little flashlight on my key chain and confirm my fears. A very large icky spider that looked like it could eat 3 or 4 horse flies in one sitting was there right above the doorknob!!! I flicked it off with the envelope I had just pulled out of the mailbox and open the door.

MORE drama awaits me inside!!!!

There was ('was' being the key word) a bag of garbage sitting just inside the door because it hadn't made it outside yet (we get lazy... what can I say?) that I hadn't noticed on my haphazard way out the door (why, oh why, didn't I notice it???). Charlie apparently decided that there was too many wonderful things that smelled too good to stay on the inside of the plastic so he gave it back it's freedom... ALL... OVER... THE... HOUSE...................... (insert swear word here)!!!!!!!! Among his new found treasures were several diapers, junk mail soaked in something brown, and several unidentifiable little bits of ew mixed with some yuck and a bit of nasty sprinkled over the top. I'm sure he ate everything that once was leftovers but there was a smell that hazed over the top that I'm sure is what doggie heaven smells like. (I hope no one was eating while you read this, if so consider it a new type of diet and you're welcome!) Anyways... when I come home to a destroyed house the dog seems to mysteriously vanish. He knows he's in trouble before I even see it. This is my version of "Where's Waldo?" Only it's "Where's Charlie?" can you find him? I took this a while ago, when the sight of him was funnier to me than the mess was irritating. But it's all the same.

I usually feel bad to see him like this. I swear I don't ever hurt him but he has such a guilt conscience. I just wish it would kick in before he got into stuff! I didn't feel bad tonight. I told him (in my most evil deep voice... several times) he was a bad dog and put him outside. Then I sat down with Chloe and let her distract me from crying. She did the trick, she's just to cute to want to cry!

When Preston came home I told him I had a bad day and he cleaned up the WHOLE mess for me! I didn't even ask him to! (Weird, he must want something ;) ) I love you sweetheart!

I really don't understand why I am in such a good mood right now... after all that. That's weird too.

Chloe getting bigger by the month...