Friday, January 16, 2009

Bestest Buds

I have a funny story and a few cute pictures. Funny story first:

Charlie loves to play fetch! When he wants to play he will go find his toy and bring it to us. If we ignore him he will try to prompt us to play with him by growling, barking, whining, standing on our feet, getting in our laps and consequently our face, or (my favorite) putting the soggy toy directly into our hand (if he can get to it of course).

Preston had been playing with Charlie and started having a conversation with a visitor we had at the time, so he stopped. Charlie wasn't ready to be done and came to me with the toy. I noticed but as I was talking with our visitor I didn't stoop to pick up the toy either. He had already tried the visitor so that was out. At this point I must add that we had just recently returned home and Chloe was in her car seat being all cute as always and the car seat had been placed on the floor.

Charlie out of desperation for a playmate recognized that Chloe was not talking to anyone and at a level he could reach. So he walked over to her and plopped the toy into her car seat at her feet and gave her the "Come on throw it!" look, tail wagging and everything. He was so proud of himself for finding someone available to play with him.

Poor little dog. Preston and I took the hint and gave him some love and threw the toy around for a while after that. It took us a while to stop laughing though.

This was taken a few hours after the story above took place. Charlie seems to like her more everyday. Though he seems to get jealous that Chloe goes with me every time I leave and he has to stay at home. We do try to take him with us when we can so he doesn't start his own type of sibling rivalry.


Aww, look! They're both smiling!


My little bed hogs... actually I consider Charlie the foot warmer and Chloe the alarm clock, ha ha!


The pacifier is the snooze button, it'll buy me about 8 more minutes of sleep.


My cozy little foot warmer, the only downside is this one hops out of the bed when I move too much and has a tendency to make his way in between Preston and me where it's warmer.

2 Two Cents':

Mel said...

That's such a cute story. I won't be very much longer and Charlie will be running to get away from Chloe!

Meredith said...

I love that story. And those are some way cute pictures of those 2. I cannot wait to see how Chloe reacts to Charlie wanting to play in just a few months!

Chloe getting bigger by the month...