Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Getting what I want...

After very little agonizing on my part about chopping off my hair, I picked a haircut and called a friend. Every time before now when I thought I might want to cut my hair I would make the decision very slowly. First I had to be absolutely sure I wanted to cut it at all. Then I would agonize over several pictures and ask everyone and their dog which one they thought I should get before finally picking one. Then I would take my time getting around to asking someone to cut it for me.

This time I blogged and the next day called texted a friend and she came over a day or two later. Of the few pictures I had selected this was the favorite of the friends that commented and me.
My beautiful hair!!! Soon to be someone else's beautiful hair! I hope they like it. I sure did.

Well anyways I made a discovery... apparently it's hard for a friend to cut off that much hair on someone who has as much thick beautiful hair as me! I asked for that haircut and she said no at first so we compromised. It was cute but not what I wanted. I wanted it really short this time. Not quite a pixie cut but not a bob either. I called another friend... She's amazing! It took awhile to get together to do it but we did yesterday and I love it!!! The night before I went to her house I also colored my hair. I have a favorite color that I LOVE. It's by Garnier and it's called Cherry Chocolate! I was sold on the name alone when I found it the first time. The great color was a perk that came with it!

It turned out great I think. And this is the final product... The first picture is the first haircut, cute but not short enough, and the second is me now...Yay! It's way cuter in person too! I love it!
Thanks to both Nici and Lynette for all the hard work they put into my hair! Love you guys!

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