Sunday, December 13, 2009

Meet Claire!

To start off, this had nothing to do with the title yet, so dont get confused. I know it's been a while since Chloe's birthday but I never posted on here about it. The party was a success and Chloe loved her cake and presents! Thank you to everyone that came and everyone that wasn't able to come we missed you! She had a princess cake that I baked and my mom decorated. She did an excellent job on it considering it's been years since she's decorated a cake! Chloe got some clothes that are SUPER cute and warm for winter, a doll that can take a bath with her and a singing purse with all the accessories! We had lots of yummy food and some of Chloe's friends even came! Miles, October, and Breena!

Last week Chloe and I went Christmas shopping with my mom and Selena. While we were at the mall we got Chloe's ears pierced! I meant to do it when she was only a couple months old but never got to it and figured she would mess with them too much now. I had kinda decided that we would just wait until she was older and she wanted it done. While we were at the mall we went into a Claire's (still nothing to do with the title) and got into a conversation with another lady there about when is a good time to pierce a baby's ears. After a little while my mom offered to pay for it, and well.... why turn that down??? To my surprise she's done VERY well with them and has hardly even noticed them. She's so cute!!! She was beyond cute before but the earrings just add to the cuteness! They are little pink daisies, here's a picture:

Last night was Preston's work Christmas party. We had a lot of fun! They had valet parking, casino tables, an open bar, hors devours and a dance floor. I wore a little black dress I bought for it and did my hair like a 1930's pin-up. Woo!!! I was hot stuff! Well my hair turned out really good anyways, but I'm fat so it ruined the hot stuff effect. Oh well, I felt cute so, it was enough. There was a $20 buy in for the casino and that got one person $500 in chips. There was no return on the chips and the three people with the highest amount in chips won a cash prize of around $100. We played Black Jack all night and had a blast losing! Well I lost all mine and Preston did pretty decent considering he had never played before. Neither of us won but, it didn't matter. The open bar (free drinks all night) didn't have many non-alcoholic options, so we ended up drinking a half and half mix of Red Bull and cranberry juice. It was surprisingly tasty. As we left we discovered that the music they had blaring until 11:30 had prompted the neighbors to call the police. One of the business owners was out front but too drunk to really have a serious conversation. We couldn't stop laughing once we got in our car! I've never been to a party that got crashed by the police before. It turned out that they forgot to notify the neighbors that there was going to be a party with loud music. They throw the BEST parties!

And now..... Claire!

Yesterday afternoon (before the party, yes, it was a very busy but fun day) we went to Pet Smart to show Chloe the dogs up for adoption and accidentally fell in love! I have been considering getting a little playmate for Charlie for a couple months but figured we would start looking sometime in the middle next year. She was curled up in the middle of her cage just like Charlie was when we found him. She's about the same size as Charlie and has the same puppy eyes he does. Her name was Leah but we changed it because I had decided that our second dog would be a little girl named Claire a while ago. If you've seen Lost, you know why. Charlie and Claire are my favorite couple on that show! He's already fallen in love with her. I don't think he's caught on that she's here to stay yet but they are going to be very close friends! She's about 8 months old and Charlie finally has someone with his energy level that can wear him out! They even look a lot alike except she has a few brown markings, and they both weigh 10 1/2 pounds.  Our family of 4 has grown to 5!

Chloe getting bigger by the month...