Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Alot can happen in 5 months! Who'da thunk it!

So to start off, Charlie has destroyed several more toys to the point of being unrecognizable. We should start buying bulk! You can tell when he gets a new stuffed amimal cause it seems to snow in the office about a week later. As you can see... ->
(I think that was an elephant, today the cloth that surrounded the stuffing is in several pieces ALL OVER THE HOUSE!)

He's a tiny little nut with a BIG personality and probably way too much energy for us! Though, at the end of the day, if we haven't done something to run that energy off our living room becomes a nascar track! "He's making a left turn!" Ha ha! He uses both couches as extensions to his track when he's going to fast to make that 180 degree turn. It's pretty funny to watch, particularly when he ends up on the tile going way to fast... Just like nascar- skid, compensate, crash anyways lol! (By the way, I hate nascar but I love my puppy!)

In other news, on March 19th at 3AM I discovered that we are expecting yet another addition to our little family! Yep that's right I'm about to get fatter! As if I really need that part of it but, we are absolutely thrilled! We are due (at least as far as I know cause the doctor will confirm on Monday) on November 9th 2008. So that puts me at 9 weeks and 3 days pregnant. I'm already in the third month!
Preston and I decided we don't want to know what it is till it's born so don't expect any big announcements of "It's a BOY" or "It's a GIRL". I've also been told several times that I am a genius (also by myself) because I plan to have the baby shower AFTER the baby is born. This way there is NO way it can turn out to be a boy after we told everyone to get pink stuff and there will be NO fat jokes or games or stories and so on and so forth... Not only that but I always thought baby showers were boring because you couldn't even see the baby, just a fat mom. So we will play pass the baby instead of "win a prize for guessing the right amount of toilet paper squares that will fit around fatso" so HA!!! I win like 5 times! And so do all the people at the party, but I win better!

A friend I work with suggested I have a sprinkle then a shower and just get the basics in neutrals for when the baby comes. I'm still considering cause there's way too much opportunity for the fat stuff in that but, I will need bottles blankets and stuff so... my dilemma... see?

Oh well... I've been wanting a baby since I was like 11 so I'm happy as a clam! So far I've been really lucky because there hasn't been a lot of morning sickness, just waves of intense nausea that never make it to the relief point of barfing. Otherwise I'm tired, hungry, constipated and gassy, not to mention I have to pee ALL the time now! Yeah, that was probably too much info huh? It's the truth and it's all VERY common! Ask any woman that's been pregnant, they'll tell you! Maybe...

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Mr. & Mrs. Hatch said...

I know EXACTLY what you're going through! Just wait until you feel the baby, now that is one crazy feeling! :) Anyway, hope your doing well.


Chloe getting bigger by the month...