Friday, April 18, 2008

I saw a foot!

On Monday morning my mom and I went to see the doctor for the first time. That was so exciting! My doctor is in my ward at church so it was a bit awkward. So after initial "introductions" I think everything will be peachy keen from now on... It was really cool though. Dr. Tutt did an ultra sound to measure the baby to figure out when we are due! It was so neat.

He said we are due on November 12th. Fortunately that's only 3 days after what I had thought. I was scared he was going to say we were due two or three weeks later than I thought. AND THERE IS ONLY ONE BABY!!! So ha!!! If you look really close at the picture you can see the heart. It's the very very small triangle looking light spot just under the chin. At the doctor's office you could see it beating so it was more obvious, but it's an image that will be with me for the rest of my life. The baby was making these little twitchy movements cause it's learning muscle coordination. And at one point the baby stuck out it's little foot! It has feet!!! It looked like a little tiny tooth pick or needle with a bent end. I started crying. It's so hard to believe that there is a little tiny person inside of me with a beating heart and little feet and hands! Then the nausea hits and I can't help but think how long summer feels and that I won't be delivering till this fall... Seeing the baby made it all so real for me though. For a while there I was starting to wonder if I really was pregnant and the whole thing was just me with a defective pee stick and some kind of nasty evil stomach flu that never escalated or got better. But there it was cute, tiny, and peanut shaped! I am so excited!

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Meredith said...

A FOOT!!! You're so cute. I still cannot believe that chocolate makes you nausesous. Maybe the baby doesn't like chocolate! Oh, No! The baby won't be able to join us in the annual chocolate parties!!!!


Chloe getting bigger by the month...