Friday, April 11, 2008

Is it just me???

Ok, so, last time I said I hadn't really been that sick, that I just get waves and it goes away. I forgot to knock on wood after saying that... How wrong I was! Starting probably the next day nausea was my constant buddy... I mean enemy. I still have long periods of relief and I know it could be worse (knock on wood) aka barfing my guts up, but it's still not any fun. Preston likes to make fun of how I breathe when I don't feel good, he usually regrets it like 30 seconds later but it's not funny! I blow air like I'm in labor already and I guess it's funny now while I feel good and think back. He says he's trying to distract me from it. I love that guy, he's a nut! He does his best to take care of me even though he has no clue as to how that's to be done. My favorite thing he does for me right now is when we are driving through our speed bump heck... I mean our apartment complex and he knows I don't feel good he will drive on the wrong side and put the wheel on my side in between the bumps. It's really sweet! Yeah, he still gives me reasons to love him more and more everyday.

Here's my other thing... what the crap with all the people who have just found out that I'm pregnant and come up to me and give me a hug and some of the first words out of their mouth are "Aww... wouldn't it be so cute if you were having twins?" !!! What is that? Translation... "Wouldn't it just be wonderful if you didn't sleep for the first TWO years instead of just one, had to buy twice as many diapers, played mommy tag team with your boobs while you breast feed both kids, had one of your two mothers and/or your mother in law live with you (I love them but remember Preston and I moved out of their homes but not for them to move into ours) and used up your small supply of names you worked so hard to come up with and agree on over the last 4 years?" My answer is so obviously NO! If it did happen that way and I had to push two instead of one, don't get me wrong, I would love both of those children as much or more than any child deserves. It's just a lot of stress to deal with. Ya know??? I also want to know, did someone hold a private meeting amongst my friends (who by the way, DON'T know each other) and say let's see if that 'secret' thing really works, let's use it against Amy as soon as she gets pregnant. We'll make her have TWINS! I love you, my dear friends, but STOP!!!

Honestly, are there any other women who have experienced this, and have gotten away without having two? I really hope so cause I'm in trouble if not!

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Mr. & Mrs. Hatch said...

I know what you mean!! As soon as everyone found out that I was pregnant everyone said, "Wouldn't it be great if you were having twins?" And when they say that your praying that they didn't jinx you. Luckly, I ending up with one baby! I would probably go crazy if I was having twins. lol! Good luck!

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