Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Big Changes Coming Soon!!!

Today I officially enter the third trimester! We are in the home stretch! We still don't know what the heck it is but it is almost done cookin' and it wont stay a secret for much longer. Though I am starting to feel like it might be a girl now. But that doesn't really mean anything because for the first 5 months I was positive it was a boy. Preston still hopes it's a boy and I think a girl would be fun cause they have all those super cute clothes for girls and I know it will have a ton of hair to put lots of bows and stuff in like I did! But either way it's still growing and defiantly still kicking... hard and higher everyday.

I am so baby hungry now it almost hurts. With our move we ended up in a new ward at church and for once there are a bunch of people our age and in our stage of life. AKA babies! Tons of them! Everywhere you turn there is a kid between 2 and newborn! Only I don't know the mommies well enough yet to ask if I can hold their babies. So I sit and whine quietly (kinda like Charlie is doing now as I sit here eating sausage and eggs for breakfast, mmmm ha ha!).

In other very important and very exciting news... Preston got a new job!!! He is working his final week at Americrapy... I mean Americopy! His triumph came when he applied for several jobs on craigslist and only 2 interviews came. One from Ampericopy's cousin, Paper Plus (yuck, same old same old) and the other from a company called Maldonado Medical. His favorite part so far? Not having to tell people who ask that he works for Americopy, yeah the one on Main street, yeah the one everyone goes to when procrastinating our Sunday school lessons on Saturday night 10 minutes before it closes.

At Maldonado Medical Preston will get a company car, cell phone, and GPS unit and drive all over the valley, delivering, picking up, and servicing 2 different machines for people who have recently had certain types of surgery. He's a little nervous but very excited about the whole thing. Nervous because he's never done this kind of thing before and excited because it's different than doing the same old thing everyday. Along with all that he will get health benefits (just for himself for now) for way cheap. And the company isn't run by a self gratifying psychopath which is WAY more than Americopy ever offered. We are so excited! Yay and congratulations to Preston! Good job sweetheart, I love you!!!

Once again in new and exciting news, only this time on my part. Depending on how money, loans and grants work out, I will be going back to school in January. Since my senior year in high school I have been drawn to the idea of working as a pharmaceutical technician. I was the crazy that enjoyed math and had way too much fun in chemistry and this would have a lot of both to offer. It's also in the health care field but doesn't require me to stick needles in myself or others. Good news for me! Needles! *shiver* I am constantly looking for jobs at hospitals but I'm not really qualified for much more than janitor (no thank you!) so this would be awesome for me!

It's a nine month course with Apollo College so I would finish quickly and they can place me almost anywhere I want when I'm done. I went over there yesterday to talk with someone about all that it would entail and came away excited and not nearly as nervous as I expected I would be. Just nervous because it's new. Usually there's one or two parts of whatever I'm about to start that scare me to death but there wasn't even that this time.

It's like something bigger than my own nerve (which is usually a wimp) is guiding me toward this. I know without a doubt that all of this coming about is a work of God. I knew he would provide a way for us to care for this baby sooner or later and for that knowledge I am eternally grateful! Without that comforting thought this whole time I would have been under so much unhealthy stress. It's not over yet but the path is becoming clear. All I can say is that we should never doubt what Heavenly Father can provide because He can and will if we have faith and sometimes even when we don't!

3 Two Cents':

Meredith said...

Yay! Way to go Preston on the new job and Amy on the schooling! Cannot wait to see the baby.

Logan, Melissa, and Miles said...

That's so exciting for the both of you! I'm so happy for you guys! Good luck!

Ciera said...

That is so awesome about Preston's new job! My dad had to use one of those machines to help him heal from extensive knee injuries/surgery. And I'm sure you'll excel at the pharmaceutical technician courses - everything is turning out beautifully for your little family, and I am so happy for you all!!

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