Wednesday, September 3, 2008

30 Weeks... 10 to go!

I have a doctors appointment today and no hope that we will find out what the baby is. Cause if I say I think we will find out or hopefully we will find out or anything of that sort then I just jinks myself. (Knocking on wood, just in case!) If we do then expect another blog today or tomorrow... k?
Preston's new job is going stupendous!!! In case anyone was wondering. His only complaint right now is that he can't keep his scrub pants from falling down. He has a very straight waist with cute little love handles and scrubs don't accommodate belts so... He makes me laugh! Otherwise he loves driving all over the valley (and when we say all over we mean ALL OVER!). He sends me pictures of houses he thinks are cool and comes home with stories about some of the really nice people he meets. My only complaint about the whole thing is the way his hands smell after wearing the rubber gloves they provide. It smells like rotten-way-too-sweet-pancake-syrup, and of course I'm the only one that notices the smell cause of my bloodhound-pregnancy-sniffer.
I hope everyone enjoyed their Labor Day weekend. Preston got to enjoy his first holiday other then Thanksgiving or Christmas off in 3 YEARS!!! It was wonderful! From Saturday morning to Monday evening we did absolutely nothing but enjoys each others company. We talked, watched some Star Trek, played with Charlie, watched videos on you tube, cuddled, felt the baby kick, watched a movie, cuddled some more, and the best part? We built a fort! It was awesome! Can you believe Preston had never built a fort before???
If I can't call it nothing then I would call it improving our relationship. Come to find out we still love each other more than last time we checked!!! I am a very lucky woman to have been blessed with such a caring, loving, sensitive, amazing husband. I mean, you know you've got a great catch when you're 6 1/2 months pregnant and you say "I feel so fat," and his response is "you're not fat, you're pregnant". Even though he just got done watching you eat 3 helpings of whatever you had for dinner and you are now waddling because of it.
On fits and giggles note... I came across a blog called cake wrecks and nearly peed my pants because of it. For example...
Oh and I took some pretty pictures in the last couple days, and now I have to share!

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