Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Power of Paying Your Tithing...

Recently Preston and I realized that we hadn't paid tithing for a while. It was one of those times where at first you justify (or at least try to) with"I'll make up for it next week cause I already spent everything I had" or "I forgot the checkbook" or "But we need the money to pay some bills". After a while of not doing it you get out of the habit and don't even think about it till someone mentions it in a talk or you see someone handing the bishop an envelope. Even then you kinda brush it off and try to ignore the guilty feeling that's attempting to tie a sailors knot with your intestines. We realized it had been a while when we went for tithing settlement in December. Suddenly it made sense why we were struggling so much!

We started paying every week again and things got better. On Fast Sunday I paid fast offering and prayed and fasted for financial help of some kind. THE VERY NEXT DAY Preston got a dollar raise! A week later we got our HUGE tax refund!

So yeah... I think I've learned a lesson here!

Oh hey, I'm trying something new. New is scary. So be nice to me. We'll see how it goes cause I'm still unsure about it. It's a new blog of mine. Mostly for myself cause I find it very therapeutic to write, so if you don't like it, DON'T TELL ME. If you do well that I would like to know about, or not if you don't want to tell me, lol. It's .

I'll post more pictures of Chloe next post k? I don't have my camera or sd card with me right now, and I'm feeling too worn out from playing so much wii fit to get up and get it, sorry!

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