Friday, February 13, 2009

Winter Wii-derland!

My mom invited us up to Prescott for the weekend and for once we weren't busy. I guess that means the holiday busy season is over. The gifts have been given, the celebrations celebrated, the baby's been born, and decorations are down... Oh,wait... nope, tree's still standing... Hey, I have a baby now! Stop laughing at me! At least it's a cute tree!

Anyways... We went to Prescott and had so much fun! The original plan was to go to Out of Africa in Camp Verde but it was looking kinda FREEZING and rainyish outside so we opted out and had a nice warm day in.

Winston the fat wiener...

Instead of freezing our tushies off we played with my mom's brand new Wii and Fit. I WANT ONE NOW!!! And mom (Grandma Gaye) played with Chloe. Fun all around...
Early in the morning on the 8th we woke up to SNOW. So pretty! I haven't seen snow fall in a long time. I love how you feel like you are part of the snow globe instead of the one shaking it. I kept taking breaks from the Wii after it wore me out to go stand in the snow. It fell on and off all day. Every time it would stop I would get a little depressed, but then it would start again within an hour or two and I would go back outside to stand in it.
I didn't take Chloe out in it mostly because it was pretty cold and I didn't think I could pry her from Grandma Gaye's arms. She still had fun though. I kept putting her in her car seat near the TV while we played Wii and she loved watching the little characters and the bright moving colors.
Of course Charlie came along. Here he is , with Josh, playing his favorite game: tug-o-war/fetch/keep away. He doesn't really get the concept but it's alot more fun when he's on unfamiliar tile that's unavoidable. When he starts running at top speed, he doesn't move for a bit before actually taking off. It's like the cartoon of the roadrunner... Meep-meep!
Preston's jammies (that he never changed out of that entire day) were ever so appropriate for the day. Snowflake/Christmas bottoms with his Nintendo shirt (it says "Power Up")
That night mom grilled steak and Nannie and Grandad came over for dinner (my grandparents). We (them, my mom and me) played cards while Preston, Josh and Selena played more Wii. (That thing never got a break!) Great-Grandma-Nannie got to have a bunch of Chloe time which she was more than thrilled about.
Oh and Preston and Selena showed Grandad how to bowl with a Wii. He liked that. Josh won the game having had more practice and a freshly buzzed head (see background of this picture). Yeah... he randomly just up and decided to hack it off. (He's preppin' for the Marines.)
When we finally left, the snow was beginning to stick. Selena said goodbye by writing on our car.

The next morning... I was in pain... I pushed myself to get the high score on advanced hula-hoops with the Wii Fit. That was after doing the regular version of the hula-hoops 2 or 3 times to unlock it, then trying twice to get the high score. Oh and I did the yoga, the jogging, the boxing, the balance games, the ski jump, and more stuff I can't think of right now. I loved that thing... apart from when it measured how fat I was... but it's good because it keeps track of your progress (or not) if you're trying to lose weight. So... I want one now.

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