Friday, May 1, 2009

The Morning Rain

I have a quick funny story to tell:

This morning I fed Chloe breakfast. I got her in the Bumbo, put the tray on and prepared some rice cereal and mashed bananas. Yum!

I am always surprised when I feed her how much she can pack away before she lets me know she's full. I always make too much so I can save some for later for faster prep. So, we're shoveling food and little miss decides she wants to try out being independent (this isn't the story but it's kinda funny too) and try feeding herself. She's only 5 1/2 months! I cleaned off the spoon, her face, and tray and removed the bowl of food. I gave her the spoon, and she, in a very coordinated way for a 5 month old, took the spoon and scraped it across the tray and put it in her mouth. I was floored! My baby is trying to grow up too fast. The only thing she's behind on right now is that she still hasn't rolled over yet. I know she could if she tried but she won't try. She has the muscle and the ability just not the know how, or curiosity, or whatever it is to try. The funny thing is she can sit up on her own for about 10-20 seconds unsupported now. She'll be walking before she learns to roll over.

Back to my funny story... So we're shoveling food into her little mouth and on one particular bite she didn't swallow but opened her mouth for another bite and I put another one in. Little ham. Then she does that pre-sneeze breathing thing and I'm like "Oh No!". And she sneezes.

Rice cereal sprays everywhere! I caught about half of it of course being right in front of her. The other half of it landed on the tray. I quickly started to clean it up before she started to play in it. And she sneezed... again. Lovely. More spray. Most of this one landed on me because the bits were smaller. Nice. Just for good measure she sneezed one more time but I was ready with a napkin in front of her mouth. Ha! I win! Too late, but yeah.

That's my funny story. It made me laugh, hope you did too!

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Meredith said...

She's feeding herself?! NOOOOOOOO!!!!! We can't let her grow up too quickly. Did she laugh over the whole spraying situation or was she too busy playing in the food?

Chloe getting bigger by the month...