Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Roll Over Beethoven!

This morning I was laying in bed with Chloe. (When Daddy leaves in the morning he brings Chloe into our bed so we can snuggle.) She had woken up and was kicking me in the stomach (I guess she misses the good ole' days) so I moved her a little away from me towards the middle of the bed. I took my phone off my nightstand and was checking to see if I had any messages. Chloe reached for the phone and I was floored when she ended up on her stomach! I couldn't believe it! I thought it had to be the incline from me laying on the bed with her. I was still excited because before she would always catch herself from going all the way over. So we both moved to the middle of the bed and I moved away from her so I couldn't interfere. I grabbed the camera and I put the phone in her little hand. This is what happened!

Just to be sure I flipped her back over and we tried again. This is proof it wasn't just a one time fluke!

Yay Chloe! My big girl!

PS. This is the VERY first time she has EVER rolled over. She won't even try to roll from front to back. I tried to use the phone to get her to but she caught herself and wouldn't go nearly as far the next time.

2 Two Cents':

Meredith said...

Oh that little ladybug. She is so cute. I hope that she continues rolling over and maybe starts crawling soon! She will be soo cute when she does that.

I also like the new picture header. Very nice.

Mel said...

WooHoo! And you said she would never do it! That kid has talent!!!

Chloe getting bigger by the month...