Monday, September 22, 2008

Adventures of the very early morning...

Preston and I made our first trip to the hospital this morning. I woke up at 4:30ish this morning feeling like I had lost control of my bladder. I ran to the bathroom and after I was done it kept coming and I couldn't stop it. So... what would you think was happening??? I woke up Preston and told him I was pretty sure my water had just broken. He got up and I panicked for a minute or two before I called Lora Linn, his mom. I described what had happened to her and she said she thought I should to go to the hospital. I then called my mom and then I called my step mom, mostly just to let them know what was going on and they both said a trip to the hospital was a good idea. Not that I wasn't going to go anyways but I had three mothers all telling me the same thing.

So I found my list of stuff I was planning to take to the hospital in 7 weeks and gathered what I could together. Preston and I got dressed and headed to the hospital. (Ironic side note: The last place we had been last night was the very same hospital. Preston's dad had a mini-stroke yesterday and we were there with Lora Linn and Meredith spending some time with him. He's doing great by the way. The doctors are doing some tests and being cautious.)

When we got there just after 5 AM, Lora Linn and Meredith were waiting for us at the OB entrance. We got signed in and I was given a hospital gown and put in a bed. I was the only one in there so I got a lot of fast attention. They put a fetal monitor on my belly, asked a lot of questions and did a test to see if I was really leaking amniotic fluid. We waited a few minutes and they came back with the results of my test. It wasn't amniotic fluid (Thank Goodness!!!). The nurse said it was just a lot of liquid discharge and that everything was fine. They gave me instructions on what to look for so I would know the difference in the future and I was discharged a few minutes later.

I had been so terrified that the baby would come too early and be stuck in an incubator for a month or more so I had been crying off and on throughout the whole ordeal. Having never gotten my daily nap yesterday I was exhausted by the time we left the hospital at 6 AM. I was the lucky one who got to come home and sleep and poor Preston had to head out to work an hour and a half later.

He was such a good sport the whole time, just staying clam and that helped me not freak out more than I was already. Though he said it was just because he was half asleep still.

When I called my dad to tell him everything was OK, he had already started driving down from Heber and was 20 minutes from Payson. That made me feel special and it was kinda funny too. (Though he told me that if I had waited an hour and a half longer to call him I would have had a can of his peach salsa.)

In the end all that's changed is that I am preregistered at the hospital now and we know exactly what we need to be prepared for the real thing. Everything I had procrastinated became crystal clear and a subject of panic. We're just gonna call this a practice run because that's what it felt like.

I'm all rested now and the baby is still where it belongs with its toes in my ribcage and kicking just as much as ever. I have a doctor’s appointment on Wednesday so we will have more assurances that everything is as it should be. I don’t know if they will do another ultrasound or not so we shall see if we know WHAT it is by then as well. I mean it's a 50/50 chance either way but it's kinda hard to prepare for something like that ya know?

3 Two Cents':

Amy Juhasz said...

I went to the hospital when I was 38 weeks pregnant with a leaky bladder, thinking I was leaking amniotic fluid :( I'm glad to hear he or she isn't coming THIS early! And lets hope you find out what this baby is! Good luck at your Doctor appointment.

Meredith said...

Even after my 3 hour nap at the hospital in Dad's room, I am still exhausted from this morning's adventure.

When Mom woke me up and told me that your water had broken it took me all of 5 seconds to process it and hop out of bed. I got partially dressed (as you could tell) and went with her. I think I was still out of it a little, later at work. Time seemed to pass a bit faster than normal. I was so scared for you this morning. Was it actually this morning?? It feels like it was like a week ago already.


Jeremy and Gretchen said...

I did not realize you had a blog also, I only saw Prestons. I am so glad to have found yours so I can get updates on your growing family.

wow! what a scare! my sister just had a baby and she was one month early. thank goodness your little baby will have longer to grow and develop. even just one day is better!
do you have a name picked? didnt you guys just move?

Chloe getting bigger by the month...