Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Giant Baby

Just thought I'd let you all know about Chloe's latest appointment with the doctor. She got two more shots and hated them. I, of course, teared up again when they did give her the shot. I hate the cry she gives when she's in pain. No surprises, but I think this kid is going to be a bit of a drama queen... She screamed when they gave her the initial shot and I got her calmed down after about 2 or 3 minutes. Then she looked a little confused for a minute and started screaming like they had just given her the shot again. We did this over again and it took me about 10 minutes to get her back to normal. Poor kid.

Anyways... Length: 26 3/4 inches= Upper 95% on the growth chart. Weight: 16 pounds 7 Ounces= 95% on the growth chart. Obvious conclusion: I have a large baby= No wonder I had to have a c-section!

She is seriously going to be taller than me by 10 maybe 11. That's when I stopped growing I hope she does too ESPECIALLY if she's taller than me by then. I keep telling Preston that our kids will be the ones hiding food from me on the top shelves in the kitchen. (If you've seen my cupboards you know that I can only reach the bottom two shelves. I can touch the front stuff on the third with the tips of my fingers. And the 4th? I can't believe there is a fourth considering my great grandma who had the place built, was shorter than me!) I guess I'll have to opt for locking the cupboards on the ground level.

Oh AND Dr. Allen cleared us to give Chloe baby cereal! Fun pictures coming soon!!! Yay!

3 Two Cents':

ciera waring said...

Oh, I would LOVE to see Chloe take on a bowl of cereal, LOL! :)

Robert & Bridget said...

I learned that if you double your child's height at age 2, that's a good estimate for how tall they will be as an adult.

Meredith said...

I love that big baby! She is too dang cute!

Chloe getting bigger by the month...