Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Giggles and Chubba Lubbas!!!

Hi there!

I'm feeling a bit guilty... I haven't been my usual blogging self lately... Obviously. Every time I get on here to check for updates I feel really bad that no one knows that Chloe laughs now! I took this video a while ago. Late February or early March; I can't remember. I know my aim is off in it and you can only see the top of her head for most of it. It takes a bit of dedication to get her to laugh and I couldn't spare my attention to keep her in the frame. But she does laugh! Right at the end there's a really good one! So turn up the volume! Oh and try to ignore my I'll-do-anything-to-make-the-baby-laugh-cause-I'm-a-mommy noises.

I also got some great shots of my little nekked chubba lubba. She's so cute! I love making her laugh. I've gotten her going a few time and have ended up laughing so hard that I have tears streaming down my face and I can't breathe. BEST MOMENTS EVER!!!

I love the little rolls on her wrists that make her hands look mismatched to her arms. Oh and her legs are like turkey legs now. I could jus eat em'!

Curly toes!!! I love this picture! With daddy in the background holding her. Her little feet are getting all fat now! She's such a chunk. I weighed her on my wii fit a couple weeks ago and she was 16 pounds. We have a doctors appointment tomorrow so we'll probably find out then that she's actually like 18 pounds! I really wouldn't be surprised.

Chloe loves the other baby in the mirror! Preston does this all the time and I laugh so hard. It cracks me up! Oh and please forgive my cackling like a crazy witch in the background at the end, mmkay?

Our friend Janna gave us this outfit the other day and I couldn't wait to get it on her and take pictures! So cute! Of course, it's more butterflies! 

This picture turned out great too. Unexpectedly artistic. That's how I describe it. Aren't those shorts to die for??? Oh and once again... Curly toes!!!
"Are we done yet mom? I'm seein' spots!" I love my cute little baby girl! She's so fun to take pictures of! 
Hope you enjoyed the videos and pictures and I feel better now too! 

Amy Lynn

2 Two Cents':

Meredith said...

I love the bathroom mirror video and picture! So cute. I love that chubba lub! She is just so sweet and adorable.

Chicy-Creations said...

Thanks Amy! You are so sweet, I actually bought some "boyish" polka dot material yesterday to use for a tie onesie and an owl onesie...and maybe a guitar onesie. I've got the owl design, just need to work up the tie and guitar!

Chloe getting bigger by the month...