Thursday, March 26, 2009

Mom. You're making weird faces again.

On the 24th I sat down with Chloe and a borrowed Bumbo (thanks Brit!) cause I haven't gotten around to getting one of my own. I can't seem to decide on a color. Do I go for girly and cute or should I be savvy and get one in lime green so I can still use it when I have boys? I'll probably be
savvy and make myself happy in the future.

Anyways... I fed Chloe her first cereal on Tuesday afternoon. And her second that night. And TOTALLY FORGOT TO GET THE CAMERA OUT!!! I blame baby brain! I broke it out the next day though.

So that night as I was giving Chloe a bite, an image popped into my head... This image:And I started laughing hysterically! We all know and love this scene from The Incredibles, because it's so classic. I never realized how funny it was till then though, because when it popped in my head I was making the same EXACT face! Hence the commencement of spasmodic cachinnation*.

(*New vocabulary word: it means, to laugh.)

Here are my pictures of feeding time today. Here we have the classic "milk" mustache:

And here: the convenient side effect of using a hand towel instead of a bib:
She kept wiping her own face for me. Though the troublesome part was getting the fist back out of the mouth. But seriously, who doesn't love a kid that cleans up after herself?

I couldn't leave out the full body shot of her in the Bumbo with that towel around her. Because it went down so far on her, I had a ten second clean up when we were done. She wiped her face and I took off the towel and TA-DA! Clean baby!
Oh look look! Curly toes!!!

3 Two Cents':

Mel said...

She looks so grown up in that chair! What a big girl!!!

Meredith said...

I love it! She is so cute and totally sweet. I love that she cleans up after herself. So nice of her to help you out!

The Tryons said...

These are adorable! You should show her dates the mustache pic when they come over. - Future Chloe will just love that. ;)

Chloe getting bigger by the month...