Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Happy Guestimated Birthday To My Unborn Child!!!

I figured since today is my due date I should commemorate it. I mean I've been waiting for today since March 19th when I found out I was pregnant.

I don't have alot to update on since my last post from last night, but have since found out what a REAL contraction feels like. OUCH! I think I like the Braxton Hicks better, ha ha! Though it's nice to know what I'm looking for now and I know they all serve a purpose. I've also discovered that I find Christmas music incredibly soothing during them. I sit in my new gilder (thanks Richard and Sharon!!! I love that thing!) and sing along to them till one hits. (It drives Preston nuts that they already have Christmas music playing on the radio, and it makes him even more nuts that I feel the urgent need to listen to it whenever I can! Ha ha! Oh the woes of the father-to-be, muah-ha-ha-ha!)

It's so hard to believe that within the next six days I will have my baby in my arms, finally. I've been so anxious for so long for this and now I'm a little freaked out to be honest. Being pregnant is easy but being a mom? I haven't changed a diaper since my youngest sister Anya was a baby. And she turns 8 in January!!! My baby is 8! Well, the closest thing I've ever had to being my baby, so far. That scares me! Time has gone so fast, what if I blink and MY baby is turning 8? I'll be old! Preston will be older, ha ha! Okay I'm done reminiscing about the future that hasn't happened yet. I'll whine when it happens k?

Anywho... I'm gonna go and attempt to trigger labor! See you on the other side!... Or not... We'll see. Whatever comes first right?

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Meredith said...

Hahaha. Funny funny, Amy. I love that you sit in the glider and sing along to Christmas songs. That just cracks me up.

Happy Guesstimated Birthday, Chloe/Parker!

Chloe getting bigger by the month...