Monday, November 17, 2008

One day more!

Today is my last full day of being pregnant. I officially become a mom tomorrow! Every time I say that I hear that little voice in the back of my head go "Riiiiiiii-ght... Sure ya are. Whatever, you're gonna be pregnant forever. Stop messing with yourself. Besides, you can't handle the pain. Just learn to live with it!" Then the happy-excited-Disneyland version of myself comes out and in a fit of excitement jumps up and down on the sarcastic-mean version of myself and shuts her up for a while. At least... that's the episode I imagine when the real me goes back and forth between the two feelings. Seriously, I'm too crazy to raise a child. This poor kid is going to be mental by five just between me and Preston raising it. Should be fun!

I decorated for Christmas yesterday! I figured I won't get another chance and it would be so lame if I never got to. It's just not Christmas without the tree up and all my little trinkets everywhere. The stockings actually have a chimney to hang on this year! We bought another stocking on EBay to go with our Disney ones for the baby. I have a Stitch one, Preston has Mickey Mouse and the baby will have Winnie the Pooh when it gets here.
Charlie is enjoying his last day an the 'only child'. Cept he doesn't know it's his last day. Poor little dog. He's in for it! I'll have to take him into the baby's room and let him sniff everything again just to remind him something big is about to happen. He's just chillin' in the sun coming through the windows right now. Speaking of the dog... he needs a bath... Now I just feel bad for him. He thinks baths are the worst form of torture. Apparently the only place water is allowed to touch him is in his mouth when he's thirsty.
Preston and I think it would be so ironic if I went into labor around 6 tomorrow morning. I can just see us going up to the desk in the OB. "Yes, we're here for a labor induction appointment at 7:30 with Dr. Tutt, but I seem to have started without him." Ha! I wish! But it would be pretty funny nonetheless. Anywho... for reals this time, I'll see you on the other side!

3 Two Cents':

The Bergen Family said...

haha, that WOULD be funny. I have known several people that has happened to. Good luck with everything. This time tomorrow you will be a mommy! Yeah!

Meredith said...


And the decorations are cute. I like the baby's stocking.

Poor Charlie. He doesn't have a CLUE what's coming. Oh, well.

Good luck!

Logan, Melissa, and Miles said...

So exciting! Good Luck! I'm excited to meet lil'baby foster! :)

Chloe getting bigger by the month...